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You #stillneedtotalk?
We #stillneedtomakesomeart!

The Institut für Neue Soziale Plastik calls for artists from any discipline: „we still need to make some art“


Open Call: #westillneedtomakesomeart German

While some people #needtotalk and others #stillneedtotalk we've arrived at the conviction that #WeStillNeedToMakeSomeArt. Following the self-centered discussions on censorship and victimization, notably post-October 7th, it's time to express resistance through art against any guise of antisemitism. It's imperative to challenge the ongoing 'not being allowed to speak out' discourse, which is a misrepresentation of the truth, and defend true artistic freedom.

The initiative #westillneedtomakesomeart between Israeli artist Boaz Kaizman and Institut für Neue Soziale Plastik calls for artists from any discipline to show their support within a digital gallery space. Instead of merely signing letters, it's about displaying art that demonstrates not every artist is consumed by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Let us spotlight art untouched by antisemitism or biased portrayals of Israel and proof that art maintains its purity amidst distorted perspectives.

* "We Still Need to Talk - Towards a Relational Culture of Remembrance" Symposium: 08.12. – 10.12.2023 ; Organizer: Federal Agency for Civic Education/bpb pdf


You #stillneedtotalk?
We #stillneedtomakesomeart!

If you #stillneedtomakesomeart as well, send us your work— whatever the theme, whenever created, whichever form! It's a statement through art. Your creation will replace signatures on endless open letters.

Send your art to: info@neue-soziale-plastik.org

Dall-E 3/OpenAI: digitally generated image using the sentance "We still need to talk, but first, let's make some art."

*coming soon